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We offer you our tax, labor and accounting advisory services. We help you to fulfill your obligations in these matters and we help you to solve any difficulty.

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We help you in matters of legal conflicts. We provide legal advice to both companies and individuals in different areas: commercial and corporate, criminal, labor, civil and administrative.

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We bring to your project a new vision based on our years of experience. We have strategic, economic-financial, technological and digital consulting services.

MATION - About Us

MATION is a young firm that has come to the market to be noticed, we are committed to providing fresh and multidisciplinary advice where you will have a team of specialised professionals at your fingertips.

We work to offer you comprehensive consulting and advocacyin important areas of your business.

Not only do we care about offering you the best tax strategy we also work to develop the best business strategies such as the correct use of technology through the automation of processes, brand image and internal management, among others.

All this without forgetting the importance of maintaining a close and trustworthy relationship with our clients, to understand their business model and adjust the best solution to their needs.

If you want to know more about our office, please get in touch. 

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Experts in tax advice in Alicante: we work your tax burden and prepare the best strategy for the future.

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We advise you on matters of inheritance and donations for your company or business.

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We provide services and legal assistance to companies in Alicante.

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We add an objective and external vision to your project, achieving your objectives.

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  • We hired consulting services with Mation and it has been the best expense we have made. They have ripped the entire economic part of the business group into a thousand pieces. Calculating infinite variables for: services, company, activity, etc ...
    José Antonio Rodríguez Palomares - Contenedores Satur
  • My wife is Polish, I have had several problems and doubts with the Spanish and Polish administrations. I came to them recommended but I continued my procedures for different ones, because I thought they were a bit expensive. This is a bit like the prodigal son, finally I went back to them and they fixed me and solved the problems that other sides did not know/could not.
    Carlos josé Salcedo - Client
  • I wanted to thank the MATION team and especially Paloma Sánchez for the treatment and quality that they have offered me in the tax advice on my inheritance, they have helped and advised me at all times. Excellent professionals, I recommend your services without a doubt.
    Eva Huesca Díaz - Client
  • Fantastic professionals, experts in the whole field of digitalization, thanks to their advice, we have achieved greater visibility of the brand and we have gained profitability. A success working with them.
    José Valeriano Armero Jiménez - Arcogarden
  • My accountant Irene knows perfectly well how small businesses work online, no need to explain anything, something I haven't seen before. She has answers to all my questions about the Spanish system and I feel much more confident knowing that fiscally everything is correct. Thank you!
    Marijke Puts - Client


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Plaza de los Luceros nº17, piso 5 pta 3
03004 – Alicante

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663 373 017 / 965 066 012

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Program to promote the conversion to indefinite-term of temporary contracts of certain vulnerable groups in the territory of the Valencian Community.

A subsidy has been received from LABORA Servicio Valenciano de Empleo y Formación (Valencian Employment and Training Service), the amount received 13,300 €, for the conversion to indefinite-term of temporary contract/s of employed person/s belonging to vulnerable groups, action susceptible to co-financing by the Operational Program of the European Social Fund 2014-2020 of the Valencian Community or any other European Union fund.


Programme to promote the indefinite-term contracting of certain vulnerable groups in the territory of the Valencian Community.

A subsidy has been received from LABORA Valencian Employment and Training Service for the indefinite and full-time hiring of unemployed persons belonging to vulnerable groups, an action that can be co-financed by the European Social Fund Plus (ESF+) 2021-2027 or any other European Union fund.

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